Tour, Days Three and Four: A Tale of Two Bloomingtons

I’ve been playing shows for over eight years, and I’m still consistently amazed at the kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm that I see in the DIY music scene. This has never been more apparent than the third night of our tour, which we spent in Bloomington, Indiana.

Bloomington, Indiana has always been “The Other Bloomington” to me, but our experiences there have been consistently awesome. Like last year, we spent most of the day hanging around campus and eating Mother Bear’s Pizza, which I highly recommend if you’re in the area. The house we played at was called the Makeout Mansion, and it is home to a sweet band called Whale Bones, They’re the nicest guys, and they managed to make even a small show on a Monday night an incredibly fun experience. Then they impressed us even more with some awesome acoustic covers in the living after the show, one of which you can hear over at our Instagram.

Last night, we were back in Bloomington, Illinois, my hometown and the birthplace of City Mouth. Shows here are always a blast, although the scene hasn’t been quite the same since Firehouse stopped doing shows earlier this year. The lineup was packed with friends, including the always excellent Red Scarves, our emo buddies in Pine, and Marina City, a band so good that we hate playing after them because they make everyone else look bad. It was without a doubt the hottest, sweatiest show I’ve ever played. Somehow, people endured the sauna to watch us play literally every song we prepared for this tour.

The best part: Sleeping in my own bed.

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