Tour, Days One and Two

We’re wrapping up day two of City Mouth’s summer tour, and I’m already approaching the level of exhaustion that was my mid-tour low last summer. The ashes of a party are still smoldering around me, and the cold I’ve been running from for the past two weeks is about to catch up with me.

I have a hard time getting used to touring life. Long drives are no problem, but I’m not wired for late nights and dingy basements and fast-food diets. I get anxious about my bass and my backpack and sketchy electrical wiring in old buildings (The outlet exploding when Reece plugged in his amp in at Ashbary Coffee House is a story I’ll tell for a long time). I get antsy when shows run behind schedule. I even wondered after our week on the road with Mighty Ships last summer if I ever wanted to tour again.

This is a cliche among musicians, but I still find that it rings true for me: All of those things go away when step on stage. That part of the tour has been incredible. In two days, we’ve already played to more people and sold more merch than we did in an entire week last summer. Most of all, people are responding to the songs. They sing the lyrics to songs they know and dance to the ones they don’t. I’ve never been in a band that people cared about this much before, and it never gets old.

This was a short blog since I’m about to fall asleep on a couch in Muncie. We’re off to Bloomington, Indiana in the morning to play at a place called Makeout Mansion and do our first full-band interview.

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