Modus Aurora – “Plague” / “Until Our Lungs Collapse”

A few months before Modus Aurora ended, we were asked to be part of a compilation that a small record label in Peoria was putting together. Katie was already living in Chicago, and I think we only had a couple days together to write these songs before we went into the studio. The recording process was similarly quick. We drove out to Peoria (or some tiny town outside of it) and tracked both songs in one afternoon at Steve Lambaise’s house. Cale and I recorded bass and drums live, and we didn’t do more than two takes of either song. It was the polar opposite of the leisurely pace at which we assembled The Ghosts Inside of Us, but I think the end result is better for it. When I listen back to “Plague” and “Until Our Lungs Collapse,” which are more concise and focused than anything we had released previously, I hear all of the urgency of the writing and recording process, but I hear more than that. I hear a band that knew we had something special and not enough time to prove it. I don’t remember talking about it until well after the recording session, but I think we understood all along that this was our coda. I think it’s a fitting one.

Listen here.

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