Years To Come

There’s a goldmine of subculture history buried in the depths of MySpace. From fliers for shows at long-defunct punk houses to great local bands that never used any other tools to promote themselves, entire scenes lived and died by that website. Visiting today, you’d never know. Huge swaths of content were lost in the transition to sideways scrolling and whatever else keeps the lights on over there. The songs that were only ever uploaded there don’t even play anymore. It’s a real shame that the company did such a bad job preserving the history of the scenes it created and fostered.

I didn’t want my own high school band to be completely lost in that graveyard. Years To Come may not have been an important band to anyone except the people who played in it and a few of our close friends, but it meant the world to me for four years. We learned our instruments together. We learned how to write songs together. We learned how to be a band together.

In order to preserve Years To Come on something other than my hard drive, and for anyone besides me who might care, I created a Bandcamp page for us. There you can find our only official release, and EP called Don’t Let the Future Scare You, and a collection of demos and other songs we recorded over the years. It’s all free to download, and you can also click the “info” link on each song for a bit of background and reminiscing about the writing and recording process.